Embrace New Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in Temecula, CA

Protect your outdoor kitchen installation with one of our patio covers

If there are too many cooks in the kitchen, take the food preparation outside. Higher Quality Construction does outdoor kitchen installation so you can grill, broil and bake food in the beauty of your backyard. We'll also install an aluminum patio cover to protect your food and appliances from rain and falling leaves.

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Expand your home with a sun room addition

Expand your home with a sun room addition

Appreciate the outdoors from the comfort of a sun room. These rooms let you stay dry and covered while still getting to experience the natural wonder of the outdoors. When you're ready for a sun room addition, we'll make it happen.

Your sun room is a great place to:

  • Sip your morning coffee
  • Watch your kids play outside
  • Let the cat enjoy the sun
  • Chat with friends and neighbors
  • Read books and magazines

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